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This web page will be devoted to the beauty and culture of the Rose, be it a Hybrid Tea, a Grandiflora, Miniature, Shrub, or the wonderful Florabunda as grown in Northwest New Jersey.

Pictures will be presented, from a large outdoor rose garden, illustrating layout, varieties, culture, and other rose related issues.

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and other important subjects will be covered. This information comes from a former commerical rose grower with extensive outdoor rose growing experience.

CURRENT NEWS July 7, 2009

The roses are growing very well this year even though they have been subjected to many rainy dark days this past June.

I have maintained the disease spray program suggested by Rosemania and if disease is a problem in your rose garden it would be worth checking their web site to see the spray schedule. The nice part is that spraying is needed every other week.

I picked up a small battery operated sprayer at Tractor Supply (less than $100) making spraying much easier and more effective.

I also alternate Liquid Karma and Response with the spray program. These are also available from Rosemania.

July 13, 2008
So far a great year for my rose garden. I am following the Rosemania spray schedule with Banner-maxx, Compass and Zineb (or equivalent).
I also picked up some Liquid Karma from Rosemania and feel that it has a benefit.
I noticed some spider mites on the roses and treated them with Bayer granular feed and insectide on the soil. It looks like this may have "hardened" off the roses. I am putting it on the "do not use" list because it is the second time I have seen hardened foliage after an application. I purchased some Avid which I will use to complete the spider mite treatment.

May 19,2003
The severe winter took its toll on the roses and most had to be pruned back to the soil level. Some were lost but I will have the fun of selecting new varities ( a rose grower never gives up).

I have fed the roses several times to get an early push on the growth. Two of the times I used Ammonium Nitrate (34-0-0), applied with a cyclone spreader. 50% of this type of fertilizer is immediately available to the plants.

The new growth looks great, thanks to a cooler spring here in NW New Jersey. I will pinch off the first set of buds to allow the plants to restore themselves.

November 16, 2002 The past growing season will be one to forget. The lengthy hot spell and other unknown conditions resulted in poor growth.
This year I applied Bayer systemic insecticide very early and it may have been the cause of poor growth. For sure, next year I will wait till June before applying this material. It must have done a great job on the spider mites, I had none this season, amazing with the high temperatures.
July 27,2002
A crazy rose growing year for me so far. Temperatures went into the 90's in the early
season and then the roses got hit with +18 degrees (F). There was widespread damage.
Just when the roses started to look better the deer breeched the fence and caused significant damage.
So far, the roses have been fed with Bayer, Milorganite, Cottenseed Meal, gypsum,
magnesium sulfate and bone meal.
The new growth looks good and the next crop of roses should be
superior to the last crop.


Have you experimented with unusual rose foods, i.e. trace elements (micro nutrients)? I have and will list some of the things I have done with observed results (in my soil).
1. Copper sulfate. Sprays with this material have given me darker leaves. I am now using copper sulfate on the soil around my trouble plants. It does appear to reduce leaf drop from disease.
2. Cottonseed meal. Important for unknown elements or complexes. I mixed it with bone meal one year and from that point on the rose leaves have been much larger.
I would appreciate it if you could share some of your feeding experiences with me. Email me at Chris and Gayle Joas.

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American Pride
Christopher Columbus
Just Joey
Livin' Easy
Paris de Yves San Laurant
Royal Velvet
Fragrant Cloud
J&P trial rose- coral color
Last roses of the 2001 season


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